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online marriage help, marriage help, marriage counselingDo an internet search for online marriage help and you will get a hundreds of hits (at least). There is obviously a real need for this service in our modern society. How to winnow out the kernels of grain from the chaff can be an imposing problem.

Marriage does not come with an operator’s manual. You have to learn as you go. The sum total of most people’s marital knowledge is from watching their parents, their friends and other adult relatives interact in their own marriages.

With the breakdown in the modern family and the “now” generation’s attitude about marital commitments, the lessons learned from observing married couples aren’t promising.

Fortunately, there are a couple of websites that evaluate many of the marital assistance options out there. These sites are often operated by religious groups and there is no cost for their evaluation services. These groups are in a good position to determine which sites are helpful and which are bogus.

There is usually a cost involved with this marital help, as it does cost money to put up and maintain a website. Usually the cost is associated with a book or DVD program that teaches you how to maintain and improve your marriage.

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Some of the sites, however, are self-promoting, offering an array of increasingly costly marital self-help books and programs. Who knows whether their advice is any good or not? More expensive isn’t necessarily better.

It is important to verify the credentials of the person or persons offering marital advice. Fortunately, the internet has made this easy, too.

Do a search of these people’s names and check them out. A bunch of initials after their names probably means they’ve been schooled, but how good are they really?

The best sites appear to be those which offer a low-cost book or program and a frequent newsletter on relationships. These often have religious affiliations or are connected to social service agencies.

Beware of sites that offer quick fixes or one-size-fits-all advice. Every marital situation is different because of the personalities involved. There are some commonalities, but there is no single answer to all marital problems.

Some common issues in marriages are trust, communication, power and fear. These may be addressed in similar fashion in most couples, but each program has to be tailor-made to suit specific needs by the individuals involved and/or their counselor.

Most marital issues are readily solved when they are brought to light. Most couples want to solve their difficulties and are usually open to professional assistance and counseling.

Friends and family usually don’t make good counselors, so internet sites often offer the quickest and most readily available information on the issues facing marriages, as well as the common solutions.

The books written by professionally-trained counselors go into the problems and variables in depth. These offer the best marriage assistance outside of one-on-one personal counseling from a trained psychologist, social worker or clergyman.

Part of the appeal of online marriage help is the anonymity. People who are reluctant to share the details of their problems are more comfortable with an online, anonymous counselor.

Another advantage is that the cost of purchasing an online marriage counseling program is far less than attending a number of face-to-face sessions with a professional therapist. Online purchases usually come with a money-back guarantee as well.

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