Mind Movies Review


Working Man Finds Keys to Vault

An Aussie working man knew he was destined for something better than packing boxes in a manufacturing plant.

He had tried a number of self-help success programs, but nothing seemed to work. He just didn’t seem to be able to focus long enough for powerful visualization techniques to work for him.

One day he had a flash of inspiration. From this idea came the concept of “Mind Movies” and its audio-visual approach to visualization, augmented by subliminal messages. Suddenly Ryan Higgins’ life began to turn around.

He became a magnet for financial opportunities, romantic liaisons, and better relationships with family and friends, and he had a better understanding of his spiritual side. All of the things that had eluded him for years were suddenly drawn to him.

In just a few weeks of applying his personalized Mind Movie, Ryan was able to “fire his boss” and move on to bigger and better things. His friends noticed the changes in Ryan’s life and wondered what he had done. They then all wanted Mind Movies of their own.

Ryan now travels internationally speaking about his experience and sharing it with his audiences.

Ryan also set up a webpage for internet queries. Visitors may access six of the mind movies at no cost. After sticking their toes in the water, visitors may order one of Ryan personalized programs for themselves.

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Programs designed for each individual are more effective than the general Mind Movies on the site. Even these will work, though, so visit the site and check things out at www.mindmovies.com.

There is no risk because he offers a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

The principles of Mind Movies are laid out in “The Law of Attraction,” in which focused visualization has been found to be responsible for dramatic changes in people’s lives. The Mind Movies facilitate the mental focus necessary to maximize the effect of this natural law.

For those of you not familiar with the Law of Attraction, the principle is that if you visualize your wants and needs strongly and believe in what you are doing, events will come your way that will make your visualizations a reality.

Before you dismiss the Law of Attraction, you should know that science has long known about how mental focus can affect the world around us. There are documented cases of visualization stimulating improbable success in business, improved personal relationships, weight loss and fitness and spirituality.

Jon Gabriel used visualization to change from a morbidly obese financial manager in New York City to a trim and fit self-improvement lecturer living in Australia.

Doctor Maxwell Maltz described experiments where athletes used meditation to improve their athletic performance.

In a filmed interaction between Ryan Higgins and Frank Kern, the multi-millionaire internet entrepreneur, Kern admitted that he had inadvertently used visualization to begin his businesses years before.

Kern said that he had made a list of what he wanted his life to be like. Years later he found the list and discovered that his life was exactly like that which he had projected on that list.

Higgins has posted on his site some of the testimonials he has received about his program. His acolytes have almost a religious fervor about how their lives have been changed by Ryan’s Mind Movies.

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