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Lick By Lick ReviewReviewer: Elliot Erikson
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Product Reviewed: Lick By Lick by Michael Webb

Here’s my review of Lick By Lick by Michael Webb.

Did you know that the majority of women prefer oral sex to any other sexual act?

The clitoris has over six thousand nerves, so before you start jabbing your face around down there, you need to know what to do. Otherwise, you can ruin the mood, and even do something painful.

So, is Lick By Lick any good?

Honestly, I felt that a manual about oral sex was ridiculous when I first saw it. Don’t you just go down there and lick it in an alphabet pattern? I flipped right to the section about techniques, but I forced myself to go back and read the whole book.

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After only a few minutes of reading Lick By Lick by Michael Webb, I saw that I had no idea about how to perform oral sex on a woman. With research showing that half of all women fake their orgasms, can you ever be certain that you’re doing the right thing?

Once I read through a bit of it, I believe that the complex details presented in this book are a totally worthwhile investment. The book covers how to make the woman comfortable with cunnilingus, how to politely convince her to shave, ways to be safe, positions you can use, and of course, a whole range of techniques.

Once I read it entirely, I understood some crucial things about why we sometimes cannot bring our wives or girlfriends to orgasm. The book addresses other factors, like romance, relaxation, and creating an environment that is comfortable to everyone – all factors that make perfect sense. He also points out a lot of things that guys don’t always consider or notice quite as well.

Overall, ‘Lick By Lick’ can give you everything you’ll ever need to know about bringing a woman to orgasm with your mouth. Michael Webb will help make you a winner. Any woman you choose to share this with will absolutely love the results.

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