In Case of Relationship Emergency – Don’t Call 911


by T Dub Jackson, author of The Magic Of Making Up System

You smell the smoke, hear the crackle of a flame and
start to swoon from the searing heat.


You suspect there’s about to be a raging fire.

But the fire and carnage you fear won’t be from
any material possessions lost, but from something much
more precious, a once loving relationship going up in flames.

No matter what issue set your fire ablaze, many
of us don’t know where or how to begin applying
the water to put the fire out.

In fact…

Unlike a real fire where a fireman first looks to
find, attack and cool the source of the fire (if possible).

Many times attacking the center of the heat is the WRONG approach to take
when trying to extinguish our relationship problems and fires.

For example, let’s imagine that since this ‘recession’
your relationship has flamed up some worrisome financial fires.

Not too hard to imagine these days?

These may start as little brush fires, small issues and arguments
over how and where money is being spent…or not spent.

Then, maybe because of the heat and pressure of these
financial fires one partner starts ‘escaping’ more than
is healthy for the relationship.

He escapes into TV, Video Games, Alcohol, Cyber
Porn…or worse?

Now…what do we have?

We’ve got two fires smoldering away and soon to be a third because
the other partner is starting to feel lonely and isolated.

Can you almost feel the pressure?

Feel it coming to a boil?

Now with three fires off to a crackling start there’s
even greater risk of fire and damage spreading to other areas.

So? Just which fire do we put out first?

Our financial fire? Our financial blaze seems pretty tough to
extinguish right now and not likely to die soon.

So maybe we should start with the escapism? That seems
like an easy fire to put out…IF you’re not the one escaping!

…and try telling someone that’s feeling lonely and isolated
that “they should just snap out of it” is like throwing fuel
into the fire.

So where do we begin when we don’t see any
good place to start? And we finally realize that
trying to stomp out all our blazes at once actually spreads
the fire?…FASTER!

The answer is…

Unlike fighting a REAL fire, we start where there

Yes, start where there is absolutely no smoke, no heat
and no flame.

What we need to do is stop focusing on the problem(s)
and focus on where we still have passion…even if
it’s just a little.

Find even the tiniest things you both enjoy doing
together, ACTIVELY put your problems aside and begin to
rebuild the passion between you.

And do you know what invariably happens? Often once you’ve
rekindled the passion between you…the PROBLEMS will often work
themselves out.

The fires extinguish themselves.

Here’s how it may play out using our example;

Tom and Cindy both love cooking together.

They both actively decide to let their problems
go and NOT worry about them for awhile, but to start
by cooking dinner together and EATING together at
the dinner table…EVERY night.

Often because they’ve had such a great time cooking
and eating together…they play some cards or monopoly
afterwards and share some laughs and have a little fun.

Now, because Cindy isn’t feeling so isolated because
Tom’s always watching TV or surfing the web…

That little bit of fun turns into love making a little
more often.

Which in part…leads to…

Tom starting to feel better, finds new confidence,
and as his confidence builds… Tom gets more assertive
about finding work.


Tom lands what maybe not the best job in the world, but one
that relieves a lot of the financial pressure until he
can find his perfect fit.

And before your very eyes…

Where Tom and Cindy’s relationship was about to burst
into flames…

Now, they are rising from the rubble with
a stronger and more fire proof marriage than ever before.

The moral of the story is that with enough PASSION
couples can overcome most any problem including affairs, drug use,
even death in the family.

But when there is very little passion even the tiniest
problems…become big, out of control, blazing fires.

Now if you’re reading this, but feel that an out
of control fire has already ‘gutted’ and put an end to your
relationship. You may find it comforting to know that there
may be a second chance for you?

I’ve made some amazing new breakthroughs in the human
love, bonding and REBONDING process.

Many of these breakthroughs are just as counterintuitive
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Hope it helps you too:-)

T Dub Jackson