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Product Reviewed: Getting Him Back by Michael Webb

Wondering if Getting Him Back by Michael Webb will help you get back together with your ex?

There are a lot of books on getting back together, but we’re here to see how “Getting Him Back” by Michael Webb fares.

A majority of “get him back” advice usually consists of the author telling women to not do anything, and just hope that their boyfriend returns. This is horrible advice!

What if he’s with someone else?

What should you do if your ex just doesn’t care anymore? 

Are you supposed to just sit there and let your love slip away?

It’s not worth paying money for someone to tell you to not do anything at all!

Fortunately, you’ll get something new when you read “Getting Him Back” by Michael Webb. This book doesn’t create any false hope, or make everything seem like it’ll be just fine. Michael Webb gives you real advice about getting together for the real world.

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What about the book’s content? I was immediately happy with what the book provided.

“Getting Him Back” asks you the most critical question first :

Are you sure that you want your ex boyfriend back?

Whether you should get back together in the first place is explored in great detail, so that you don’t unhappily continue a bad relationship cycle with the wrong person.

It’s all very effective. Over the course of this section, it asks over twenty important questions that you should really think about.

What did you do that caused this breakup to happen?

What did your ex do to cause this breakup?

If you get together again, will anything be different?

These are all important things you need to think about so that you make the right decision that really benefits you in the long run. After all, you don’t want to go through all of the work to get back together with a man who doesn’t deserve it, right? Michael explains how to tell whether it’s going to be worth it in great detail.

Once you are completely positive that you want to begin your relationship again, Getting Him Back begins to discuss the breakup in depth. Starting with the actual breakup, Michael Webb discusses all aspects of your relationship, one by one, until you are prepared to get in touch with your ex again.

I especially appreciate that this book was written for women. Usually, these kinds of books aren’t written for one specific gender. Everyone knows that women and men operate very differently, especially when it comes to breakups, so why would one book apply to both sexes?

Ultimately, I think that Getting Him Back by Michael Webb is one of the best books about getting your ex back that I’ve ever read.

If you’re a woman who wants to get her ex-boyfriend back, or someone who is concerned about the state of her current relationship, this comes highly recommended.

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