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Fix Your Sexless MarriageReviewer: Elaine Erikson
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Product Reviewed: Fix Your Sexless Marriage by Kate Dixon

Here is my review of Fix Your Sexless Marriage by Kate Dixon.  If you are in a marriage that is missing physical intimacy, your self-esteem might be suffering, and you might even feel ashamed and frustrated.

Based on current studies and surveys, a marriage without sex can cause depression and even effectively make your children feel unhappy, and eventually result in divorce.

This is a serious situation for couples. Of course, if it were simple to fix, everyone would have surely have started getting it on much more regularly long ago. Of course, this complicated issue isn’t easy to repair, and may result from any number of emotions – resentment, blame, fear, and a lack of communication.

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You may need some impartial help to fix your sexless marriage. You need something else to conquer this boring period in your relationship and lead you back towards passionate, rewarding, fun sex!

Fix Your Sexless Marriage by Kate Dixon (or Get Him/Her In The Mood, as it is sometimes called), might be the answer for you.

You can open an avenue to a more romantic, more passionate marriage by reading this e-book – and not only because it will help you transform you and your spouse into a more physically romantic couple. It will also alter how you live your own life, and how you see yourself. This is the most important mental secret behind repairing a marriage without sex. Is this all too good to be genuine? Keep on reading and you’ll see exactly why this is effective.

We were definitely skeptical of the powers that this e-book purports to have at first, as you may be right now. Then, we got a copy and noticed that it actually consisted of two different guides – one for women and one for men. This definitely caught my eye, and so I read deeper into both of these guides.

Once again, I started out unimpressed, because the early chapters and the introduction only seemed to address things that were common sense. While I didn’t find any special information that wasn’t already obvious, this changed as I read on.

What author Kate Dixon was actually doing with these ‘obvious’ chapters was laying the groundwork for the rest of the e-book and preparing the reader for a deeper exploration later on in the guide. The rest of this guide would otherwise be potentially overwhelming if the reader were unprepared to absorb the wise advice that the pages contain.

What you’ll find in this e-book is a way to understand how your partner is really thinking. You’ll be given answers about subtly turning them on, and once again starting the fires in both of you.

If you want solid knowledge in a factual, comprehensible guide that is geared specifically towards your gender, Kate Dixon’s Fix Your Sexless Marriage earns high scores all around.


The sole warning that I have to offer is that the early chapters might seem boring, and a little obvious. Regardless, they are a necessary introduction to the rest of this e-book, which will keep you interested in fixing a sexless marriage – despite any fears you may have, communication problems, or emotional pain that seems to be preventing you from physical intimacy.

And if this ultimately does not work for you, you are guaranteed a full refund, meaning that you have nothing to lose by trying out Fix Your Sexless Marriage!

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Fix Your Sexless Marriage