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supreme self confidence review, slade shaw reviewReviewer: Elaine Erikson
Product Reviewed: Supreme Self-Confidence by Slade Shaw

Every time people start telling me about their relationship and dating frustrations, the same old excuses keep tumbling out: “I don’t have time to be with someone,” “My career is my main concern right now,” “I just can’t find the right person,” “There aren’t any nice men and women where I live,” and “I still haven’t met ‘the one.'”

Many people are frustrated and essentially clueless when it comes to why true love hasn’t found it’s way into their life.

When I add up the number of people who have approached me to help them overcome their dating disasters, I can point out just as many products and plans on the market that are promising idealistic scenarios.

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These products guarantee that they’ll work wonderfully for you, and in no time at all they’ll be able to teach you what to wear, what to say and how to make jokes on a date, how to behave, how to get the most out of your opportunity with your date, and how to learn a little-known dating rule.  So you can understand why I never really get excited when a new product crosses my desk.

But that was then.  If you’re seeking a surefire way to gain the self-confidence necessary for improving not only your dating life but also your outlook in a broad range of other social situations, waste no time in getting the new ebook by Slade Shaw, from

  • Have you been looking for reliable ways to strengthen your sense of self and raise your self-awareness?
  • Are you loaded with self-doubt that you want to cast off?
  • Do you want to develop your own unique social identity and set your life’s course?
  • And what about some advice on how to get through embarrassing social events and learn how to start up conversations with strangers?

You’ll get the answers to all of these questions and much more in Slade Shaw’s newest book, “Supreme Self-Confidence in Dating, Relationships & Social Situations.”

The 184 pages of Shaw’s ebook are packed full of tips on how to initiate genuine change in yourself and in your confidence in social, professional and private situations. You’ll also learn the techniques for confidence-building that can be applied to everyday life and produce life-altering results.

What is it about this book that makes it so interesting?  That’s simple: It teaches you that at the core of all of life’s greatest successes is self-confidence. You will soon find signs of success showing up in your personal and dating life, in your professional career, and in your general life goals, all of which are built on the conviction that you can indeed conquer your fears and see true growth in many areas of your life.  If you lack self-confidence, you’ll be going through your days thinking you don’t have the power to achieve anything.

Are you going to sit back and accept life as it happens to you, or do you want to take chances and set the course of your own destiny? Will you let other people decide whether or not you should be successful, or will you take it upon yourself to make miracles happen and encourage other people you meet along your life’s journey?

Everyone, even the most self-confident people, wish they could change or improve various aspects of their life; the essential first step is to have the unshaken belief that change is possible.

  • Would it please you if you attracted more attention at parties?
  • Do you want to know how to conquer your fears and relinquish your past experiences to the past?
  • Would you like to set a clear life course for yourself, with goals of all sizes identified along the way?
  • Would you like to know the tricks for starting a great conversation and keeping it going?
  • Do you want to learn how to cure your crippling shyness, which always seems to strike at important times in your life?
  • Would you like to know how to shake off the stresses of the workplace and be effective when the pressure has reached a boiling point?
  • Do you want to know how to be sexually confident on your dates?
  • Would you like to know how to attract people to you and to become the master of your feminine and masculine selves?
  • Do you want to have unflappable confidence in all of your relationships?

This book has an abundance of information that can help you to continue improving yourself, and it’s useful even for people who think they already have all of these issues solved. With its professional design and eye-catching layout, the book’s 184 pages are full of life-altering information and techniques to be studied by those who are eager to initiate changes in their life.

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supreme self confidence review, slade shaw review