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The Magic of Making UpReviewer: Elaine Erikson
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The Magic of Making Up by T.Dub Jackson

UPDATE: I have just used this system to repair my relationship with my boyfriend and get our relationship back from total radio silence on both ends.  Seriously, this system is powerful and it works.  Definitely check it out.  Read on for the full Magic of Making Up review.

This is my Magic of Making Up Review, of the system to get your ex back by T. Dubb Jackson.

The question I get asked most is, is it a scam? After reading this book entirely, my answer is an emphatic “No”. I was skeptical at first but because so many people have had success with this program, I thought I had to check it out for myself. I found out some interesting things.

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The Magic of Making Up is a very clear strategy to get your lover back. T.Dubb Jackson has helped thousands of people get their relationship back using the strategy he outlines in this ebook.

The tips in this book may seem like common sense while you’re reading them, but they are very difficult to do in practice because they are counter-intuitive. It seems like you should be calling your ex and trying to occupy their time, when T. Dub describes what you should really be doing.

Pros- The Magic of Making Up

The Magic of Making Up is a powerful strategy if you just follow it, and you are sure that the relationship you’re trying to get back is one that you actually want in your life. If you’re on the fence about the relationship, this isn’t the program for you, even though T. Dub will help you work through those feelings if they come up.

You get a clear road map and time line of what you should be doing when, in the process to get your ex back.

You get strategies and emotional techniques to attract your relationship back into your life both in The Magic of Making Up main book AND the 2 accompanying bonus texts, The Clean Slate Method and Mind Magic. These two additions to the program contain important bonus material, and sneaky tricks for getting your ex back into your life. Powerful stuff.

The Magic of Making Up is a very condensed system. I know that when I’ve been broken up with, I’ve felt like time compressed and it was everything I could do to pass the time while feeling the heartbreak. You can read The Magic of Making Up entirely in one afternoon. It isn’t an encyclopedia of fluff like some other systems out there. T. Dub gets down to brass tacks quickly.

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The Magic of Making Up is not gender specific, but it does provide information about why both men and women leave relationships (hint: they leave for completely different reasons). So you won’t get very much gender specific attention. Luckily, the strategy works for both sexes.

This book is not a complete solution to all of your relationship problems. If you aren’t with the right person, The Magic of Making Up can’t help you with that (but it can help you decide if you’re doing the right thing or not). The book provides the solution to get your lover back (whether they were good or bad, or worth your time or not).

For the most part, you’re going to have to do the work to keep them in your life and make the hard decisions about what is right for you, on your own. T. Dub won’t hold your hand with that. But he does provide the blueprint for what to do and when, to get your lover back.


The Magic of Making Up is a specific strategy to use when you’ve had a breakup and want your lover back in your life. If you use these strategies, most likely, you will be able to get your relationship back. What you do after that is up to you, but this ebook can deliver results if you follow it to the letter.

I hope that you found this Magic of Making Up review helpful, and use it to get your ex back.

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Here T. Dub Jackson talking about how to START getting your ex back:

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How to Start Getting Your Ex Back

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